Mini-Labo Deluxe™
R2R Lab-Scale Test Coater

Mini Labo

Highly Customizable Roll-to-Roll Lab Coater

Mini-Labo Deluxe Scale

This pilot coater is widely used by many leading research centers and universities, such as NREL, Purdue University, A123 and more. Equipped with both MICROGRAVURE™ and slot die coating methods, this versatile coater also comes with one-meter dryer, gear pump and gravity feed. All these features are enclosed in a compact frame on casters, allowing for ease of mobiity within the lab. There are many options to choose from. Schedule a free demo at our Bloomington, Indiana facility.

If you are looking for a smaller roll-to-roll tabletop lab coater, please check out our Mini-Labo™!


Mini-labo Deluxe drawing with named parts

Specifications & Options

Mini-Labo Deluxe™ Standard Option
Factory Requirements 3-phase, 220V, 60Hz -
Dimensions - Standard D31” x W55” x H60” -
Coating Methods MICROGRAVURE™
Slot die
Tungsten carbide lip slot die
Coating Width 120 mm (4.7") up to 320 mm (12.6")
Substrate Width 140 mm (5.5") up to 340 mm (13.4")
Guide Roll Width 150 mm (5.9") up to 350 mm (13.8")
Dryer 1 m (3.28') long
160°C (320°F)
Hot air dryer
Additional 1 m (3.28') zone
Line Speed 0.2-2 mpm (0.65 to 6.5 fpm) 0.5-5 mpm (1.64 to 16.4 fpm)
Solution Feeder Gravity tank
Metering pump
Pressurized tank 1.6L with precision regulator
Footage Counter Yes -
Exhaust Blower Yes -
Enclosure Yes, with casters -
UV Cure System - Yes (Metal Halide 3-step 120/80/60WPC)
Dry Laminator - Yes
Interleaf Peeler - Yes
VOC Cover - Yes
Corona Treater - Yes
E-stop - Yes


Mini-Labo Deluxe™ RL350 with Corona and UV
NEW Style! Mini-Labo Deluxe™ RL350 with corona, UV and laminator
Mini-Labo Deluxe™ RL350 with VOC cover
Mini-Labo Deluxe™ RL350 with laminator, interleaf peeler, VOC cover and 6 inch guide rolls
Mini-Labo Deluxe™ with interleaf peeler, laminator and dip pan
Mini-Labo Deluxe™ with interleaf peeler, laminator and dip pan
Mini-Labo Deluxe™ with dryer extension
Mini-Labo Deluxe™ with dryer extension


Mini-Labo Deluxe™